Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reading for the love of it.

I just looked at tonight's TV lineup. It's no wonder I prefer books! Books give you a depth of knowledge about the character, the setting, the premise that you won't find on TV. A book tells you so much. On TV it's mostly a slick video with a plot in 8-minute parts.

I do have my favorite TV programs, just like I have my favorite authors. I like Bones (I like the books even better), Mentalist, NCIS, CSI XXX, and the Amazing Race. I like House Hunters International, for no reason more than I like to house hunt. I watch every Jon and Kate Plus Eight show, sometimes more than once. I think +8 reminds me of a happy time in my life when I was raising the kids.

Still, reading books is my favorite relaxation. I also like to write, which is why this blog is dedicated to my heroine Maxie. You'll hear more about her as time goes by. For now, I'll tell you that Maxie has just inherited a beach house and the money to go with it.

This is a radical change in her life. She used to share an apartment with four other girls so she could save up for a down payment on an SUV. Sure, SUVs aren't the in thing any longer, but what can you do when you've scrimped and saved to make the down payment?

Maxie gives me a hard time when I'm writing. She has a habit of just taking over the story and going wherever she wants with it. I have to catch up with her and put obstacles in her way or she would just charge along in the book with no planning at all

Watch for it.


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