Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That nice lull after Christmas

Isn't the space between Christmas and New Year's lovely? All that time and so many choices. Today I had a long chat with my next door neighbor. Both of us like to talk so it's a pleasure to have time to do it.

My neighbor has quite a menagerie in her back yard. She likes little animals so they're all miniature: three donkeys, a pig, some goats, and two Jack Russel terriers. They are all her pets.

I went into the animal pen with her today and immediately the animals are there looking for her attention. They are so tame! One donkey kept bumping my arm gently until I took the time to give her a scratch.

Her miniature pig, Wags, has a mouth that looks like a pair of shovels with teeth. My that's an impressive mouth! My neighbor didn't have a treat for him so she gave him a drink out of her water bottle. That's sharing to the extreme.

I filled my bird feeders today. If I don't keep them filled, I can hear the birds cheeping loudly in disappointment. They also tend to sit on the window ledge and tap. So, I filled the feeders with black oil sunflower seeds and millet. If they weren't so lazy and spoiled, they could go to the flower field across the street and have their fill of sunflowers. Did you know that they also will sit and peck on the leaves of sunflowers? I'm not sure why, but they'll do it for hours. It's probably a small bug, but maybe they like something from the leaves.

And blogging, always blogging.

Talk to you later.


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