Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clearing out the mess

I just put some stuff out for a charity to pick up in the morning. I always wonder where that stuff is going to end up. Some is nice, some not, but all of it is usable and that's what counts.

I hear that they take the battered clothing, towels, and sheets, and such and sell/give them to rag pickers (is there a better word?) to recycle the fibers and create new things. So, I never worry about the value of clothing. If it ends up as a rag, so be it. If I threw it into the garbage it would be landfill.

So, I always feel relieved when the stuff is gone. I have more room in my house and someone can make use of what I left behind.

So, that chore done, I'm going to begin taking down the tree. It's been a while since Christmas hasn't it? Well, my parents always let the tree stand until the Sunday of Epiphany. I can remember my friends asking "Why's your tree still up?". They also didn't put the tree up until Christmas Eve.

Me, I just like the tree well enough that I'm not in a hurry to get rid of it. The place always look a bit plain when it's gone.



  1. We took down our tree on Tuesday - 12th night and all that.
    Yes, I agree, so much better to send stuff to be recycled or redistributed - it's pretty standard here and even if you put stuff out for garbage removal the tramps will come round and clear out the bin anyway.

  2. Wonderful blog!
    I will be a regular.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :-)


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