Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's Create a Holiday for January

Since New Year’s Day seems to be in the Christmas frame, I declare January the Design Your Own Holiday month. Why not. They did it with Kwanzaa and now it’s a big hit. Still, I’d be happy just to have a nice movable day for celebrating.

I’d like to celebrate Chinese New Year. When I lived in snow country, a friend used to have us over for Chinese New Years. We celebrated it some time in January. For eats, we brought anything remotely considered Chinese food. (Some of it was quite a stretch.) We dressed in anything Chinesey and had a good time.

In that part of the US, January was a month of dreary, heavy hanging, grey skies, cold, snow, and ice. Those Januaries used to feel like they were three months long! The Chinese New Year party was a time to get together and just have fun. I always felt better after that party.

One that I’m considering this year is a spaghetti party. I’ll make the spaghetti and extra fixings and everyone can contribute some of their favorite sauce. How does that sound?

Our Son-in-Law in Florida makes really good spaghetti sauce. We tell him he should go commercial with it, but he says he enjoys just making it for his friends. Lucky for us, we’re on his friend list. The only thing that’s wrong with his spaghetti are the concentrated calories. I guess it’s the calories that make it so good tasting.

So, this January, for a Design Your Own Holiday, we’re going to have a spaghetti party. What’s your idea for a designer holiday?


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