Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Promises Broken

I made a promise on Valentine's Day. I broke it today. I feel sooo bad (sick and guilty both).

For Valentine's Day, my husband planned a surprise dinner out. I was delighted! Any sentence that contains the words "dinner out" is a good sentence in my book.

He took me to a place I'd pointed out many times. I thought he'd never take me there. We went to the Karl Strauss Brewery (San Diego area restaurant). They sell beer there, but the main focus is on nice dining. We had such a wonderful time. I felt so treated.

So I promised I would cook him dinner tonight. For my husband, any sentence containing "cook at home" is a good sentence. I planned to broil rib steaks and fry potatoes the way he likes them.

Then when I woke up this morning, I felt lousy. I slept a good part of the day. I was trying to drag myself into the kitchen to cook when he came to me and said, "Let's just raid the refrigerator tonight. You can cook when you feel better."

Isn't he a sweetie? I feel like such a rat for taking him up on it. Truthfully, it was a burden lifted from my shoulders. I put my jammies on and cuddled up under an afghan to watch TV.

I think I've got a keeper.



  1. Aaah, so that's why you've hung onto him all these years - he's worth keeping!!! Seriously, though, I was talking to another mother at my daughter's school today and she was telling me about her life with her ex-husband and I ended up realising just how wonderful my husband is! We're lucky - so many people don't have happy marriages and caring partners.

  2. Yes, a few discussions about other people's ex-hubbies goes a long way towards helping you learn what a good husband is.


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