Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, I made it over the big hump and find myself 70 and thriving. It's going to be OK.

We went for a drive out to Warner Hot Springs in San Diego County's back country. There is nothing there, but Warner Springs Ranch where I had a first in my life - the first time I saw a grown man in a bathrobe at the minimart. I guess it's a spa too.

Leaving Warner Hot Springs we went to a place that has another name, but which people call the Eagles Nest. The view from the Eagles Nest is superb. This small Indian Casino is perched on the top of a pretty big mountain. You can't see it from the road, but you just keep winding around and pretty soon there it is. Just sitting out there in the middle of nowhere.

This casino was having it's 2nd anniversary party - on my birthday - so I asked if they had a birthday treat for me. This is what I got. It was sponge cake with a citrusy filling and double-iced. The inner icing layer was lemony. The outer layer, just frosting. Since my husband and I share birthdays I tried to get him to ask for a little cake too, but he doesn't like cake and he knows I really shouldn't have it.

Since the cake came packaged in a little box with a candle to light, I just put it in the car and brought it home.

Then we headed for Julian, an old mining town with touristy attractions. It was supper time and I knew just where I wanted to eat - the Old Julian Cafe. They have the best apple pie there - the kind you'd make at home if you knew how to make the yummy crust. We both had prime rib, it being our birthday dinner. Then I had berry/apple pie with ice cream. Heavenly.

It was a great birthday. My husband mentioned that we do more talking when we're in the car and that's true. There's just the scenery and someone nice to talk to.



  1. Happy birthday! The cake sounds scrumptious! And what better day to indulge? ;)

  2. It sounds like you had a good birthday!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday celebration, surrounded by good company, nice food and beautiful views - what more could anyone ask for?!

  4. It was a great birthday - and it went on all day. Now that we're back from camping, my husband will install the propeller I got for my birthday on the trailer hitch of the pickup.

    If you haven't seen these before, the little propeller whirls as you drive down the road. It also has a connection for the brake light.

    Just silly, but what else do I need?


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