Friday, May 29, 2009

I wonder what would happen if . . .

I wonder what would happen if:
  • Gardeners quit making round mushrooms out of bushes and let them grow naturally. What would the bushes look like then?
  • Moms had 1 day a week for themselves alone and 1 day a week for both parents to be home with the kids. Would work go on as usual?
  • We took cell phones away from kids a few hours a day. What would they do with their time?
  • I planted more trees in my yard. Would they die in the drought or become strong?
  • I told my husband I'm hungry - let's go out to eat instead of my cooking. Would he do it? Of course he would. I have a neat husband.
That last one is based on the fact that I'm hungry and don't want to cook. I think I'll try it and see if I'm right.



  1. Uh oh. I'm guilty of mushrooming my bushes in front of the house. :(

  2. We don't do mushroom bushes but we do square some off! LOL!

  3. The bushes - might like like a bad hair cut for the house - or that nobody's home!

  4. I've always favored a natural look in my plantings. I guess to some it might look like a bad haircut.


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