Sunday, May 31, 2009

Letters Up

I once lived in a high-rise apartment building in downtown LA. There's always something going on there, but usually the weekends are quiet.

One morning I woke to helicopters. You've never really heard a noisy helicopter until you've heard one working in a place where the sound can bounce off the buildings and multiply what you here.

It went on long enough that I finally got up and looked out of our 12-story windows. Here's what I saw that Saturday morning.

Like most of us, I never wondered how they put the company name on the top of a high rise - until that morning. First the helicopter took down all the old letters, then it put up new ones, one at a time. A crew was waiting on the wall where the letters were to go.

Do you see the A going up? The letter sways and if it sways too much, the helicopter takes it down to ground level and makes it settle down, then tries again.

It took most of the day to take the old letters down and put the new ones up. Down below, a little park and part of the street were blocked off so the helicopter could land there and stash letters there.

On the right, there's a letter near the top. Note the position of the helicopter. This must be tricky.

The letters spelled the name of a bank.

Well, you've probably noticed I can't control the position of the photos today. I apologize. Blogger is being stubborn about putting photos where it wants them instead of where I want them.

I was just glad they don't change building names every weekend. It certainly made a racket, but it was fun to watch.


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  1. The pictures are neat, and I know what you mean about putting them in blogger, it can be quite frustrating!


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