Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's great about having company

My company left this morning and I'm still full to the brim with warm fuzzies. This weekend's company was my daughter Cinders. She's grown up now and lives in the southeastern US. When her company sends her in our direction she often spends a quick weekend with us.

Cinders is the daughter in the white T-shirt with a star on it. She still likes to hang out in T-shirts.

So, obviously, I love having my daughter come and visit. What else so I love about having company?

  • My house got a good cleaning. The cleaning service came in and I told them to do an extra special job (giggle)
  • I made peach pie from last summer's peaches and allowed myself a piece every day.
  • I leave my comfortable groove and try out some new ones.
  • We watched Cinder's choice of an absolutely stupid movie (Waterboy) one night, then watched my choice of a stupid movie (Wanda Nevada) the second night. I never would have watched either of these movies if she hadn't been there, but I enjoyed them. Laughing is good.
  • Our kids are giving us an anniversary party in late summer. I got to hear a few of the details. (Not many because our daughters are doing party, not me. I am not needed to do much, mostly preferences and addresses.)
  • Cinders went to Curves with me and I loved it because I could do it better than she could. Of course, I've been going to Curves for several months now and this was her first time. What is that quote? Older and wiser will beat out young and strong every time. No, that's not it. What is that quote?
  • Cinders and I went through our old photos looking for wedding pictures. I haven't looked at those in a long time. I wish I had them on a CD because they're beginning to deteriorate. (Whoops, that probably says something about me being older than dirt.)
I look at my house in an entirely different way when company is coming. This is good because I usually focus on the good things and ignore the bad things. When company is coming I look for the bad things and fix as many of them as I can. Because of the party, I'll try to get more fixed before people arrive.


P.S. Is the term "warm fuzzies" understood? If you don't understand it, leave a comment and tell me what you think it might mean.


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