Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jake and the Vet

I took our Norwegian Elkhound to the vet today. I have two problems with this - whether or not I can pull the seat up in the pickup and whether or not Jake will jump into our pickup. There is no way I can lift him into the pickup. So, I couldn't get the back seat up, but Jake was my pride and joy as he scrambled up into the pickup by himself. For some reason, he associates the pickup with good things, even though he's usually going to the vet.

It must be a rule that you schedule Jake at the same time as you schedule that teacup poodle puppy. In the picture you see Jake playing with his toy bear. The puppy we met at the vet's today is not as big as Jake's toy bear. He would think of it as his toy bear. He likes to throw his toy bear up into the air and try to catch it. You can see why it wouldn't be a good idea for the two of them to make contact.

Fortunately, the tiny puppy stayed perched in his owner's arms. Jake could jump that high, but the floors at the vet's are slick and he doesn't like to jump while he's there.

And then, there's the matter of the two house cats running around loose. I'm trying to write a check and listen to a summary of his visit and Jake is thinking he'd like to go over and play with that cat. It's an older cat that lives at the vet's. I have a feeling the cat is used to dogs sniffing him and he knows exactly what to do about it.

There's a place where I can hook Jake's leash to the counter so I can use both hands, but Jake manages to get himself all wound up in the leash. I'd just as soon leave him in that position while I write the check, but the people in the room are concerned about him. So I have to unhook the leash and unwind the leash from his not inconsiderable body while not letting it go.

Did I say my arms are tired? He and I were both glad to get out of there. The vet gave him his shots and pulled out a burr, all for under $100, but not much under. It's cheaper to take your kids to the doctor.

Not only is my arm tired, but my jeans are full of dog hair. Jake is a fur dispensing machine and being just a little nervous about being at the vet seems to make it worse. The vet, her assistant, and me all now look a little like Jake. Unfortunately the vet and her assistant are wearing black and they can't go home and change.

So, today a job is done and I'm glad it is. Hopefully we won't go back for another year. Oh! and did I mention that Jake's doing fine with his diet. He's lost almost twenty pounds.



  1. I always wear old clothes when taking the kitties to the vet--they shed like CRAZY too!!! We are all covered in fur by the time we leave. I wish I could lose weight like that.

  2. Lin, we'd all lose the weight we wanted to lose if someone else fed us just exactly the right amount. However, I wouldn't allow it, would you?

  3. My cat's not a big fan of going to the vet either, he just lays there and they coo all over him.


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