Sunday, July 5, 2009

In Work - Tomatoes

When I saw my friend's upside-down tomato plant I had to have one too. It's so crazy to see, but the tomato is doing fine. It's just curling upwards a bit as if trying to correct the situation.

A good thing for the tomato, I can't over water it. When I water my plant at the top, all the extra water comes running down through the bag, washes the tomato plant, and drips on the porch.

I planted a cherry tomato, though I understand you can plant any kind of tomato as well as vineing vegetables. Maybe next year I'll try that.

I can't take total credit for this. I wanted it and bought the equipment for it, but my hubbie planted it and hung it in the sunshine. (It's in the marriage contract, isn't it, that he has to make my dreams come true?)

The tomatoes on the porch railing are the result of a gopher eating the roots causing the plant to topple. We're hoping the tomatoes will ripen there so we can eat them. It looks like one of them is almost ripe. We have eaten two tomatoes from this year's plants. I'm afraid the gopher is winning, but he can't reach my hanging tomato.



  1. Send that nasty little gopher packing!

  2. Anne h - I'd like to, but I can't poison them because of the dog, and just trapping them doesn't work.

    If you have a solution, let me know. Otherwise, the tomatoes can hang upside down from the roof, can they not?

  3. Check out my blog to view my attempt at growing tomatoes.

  4. That sounds like a challenge MA Fat Woman.

  5. There is nothing better than a delicious home grown tomato! Mmmm...



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