Saturday, September 12, 2009

My company has come and gone

The anniversary party has come and gone. I'm left with a jillion photos and as many memories. We had a great time.

The night of the party at our house, my daughters cleared off the kitchen island, which has a glass top stove, and filled it with food for the party. That really worked well. We ordered food in so we could just talk and rehash the formal party, which was the night before.

You can see by the picture that the company immediately obliterated every clean surface with something essential to company.

The day before our company arrived, I had the cleaners come in and do the house up proud. The day after the company left, you couldn't tell it had been cleaned at all, but I knew in my heart, it had been cleaned for 6 days of company.



  1. Get the cleaners back in! :) Looks like you had some fun though.

  2. I'm ahead of you Lin. They were here this week and my house is in order again - as best as they can do with all the clutter I live with. I am not a neat person, clean, but not neat.



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