Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An unanticipated reading pleasure

I never saw it coming. We had three good friends: two men who were smoke jumpers and a woman who counseled troubled teens. Put them together, add a bad fire, and a death, and you've got the start of a good book.

It gets better from there. Put these three friends and the woman's daughter together, intertwine their lives, and you have the beginning of a very good story.

I thought it would be about smoke jumpers with lots of danger and lots of fires. And it was, but the story wasn't just about the fires or smoke jumping, it was about these people and what happened in their lives.

Part way through the book it takes an unexpected twist as the man who lost the girl takes up photography in war zones as a way of forgetting. We have some really intense stories of the war zones, a man trying to hide his feelings for the woman, and the man who got her whose live didn't turn out well.

I'm not going to tell you the plot of "The Smoke Jumper" by Nicholas Evans, I'll just advise you to buy it and keep reading it to the end. I got it as a Barnes & Noble remnant. If you go online you may get it at a good price.


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