Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thoughts of a year past

Today's my birthday and I never, ever, thought I would be this old.  Only old people get to be this old.  Not me.

Here I am looking back on this year.  Here are some of the things that made life worth living:

  • A big slam-bam party for our 50th wedding anniversary.  Our daughters planned it long distance:  one each in California, Washington, and Florida.  I never knew they could come together and plan something like this.  They are amazing!  We had a blast.  I will always remember partying and square dancing with our friends and relatives.  We also did the silly dances like the macarena and folk dances like the Virginia Reel.

  • A long lazy trip in the fall to the huge open spaces of Arizona and New Mexico.  I'm used to a big sky country, but this surpasses what I've known.  
  • The quiet of the wind whispering through a canyon, and appreciating it for what it was.  We stood on the rim of Canyon de Chelle and said once more "We really should take the trip through the canyon and look up at all these things."
  • The deep quiet spaces of Carlsbad Caverns, where so many fantastic things grew under the ground.  Amazingly wonderful things - and I almost didn't go because I was afraid of going deep underground in a cave.
  • The peace of Indian Country and the What If's of UFOs in Roswell.  
  • The amazing White Sands of New Mexico.
  •  Visits from our daughters and granddaughter throughout the year.  I'd just get an email that said they were coming.  When they came they cooked!  For me, that's a really big deal.  I hate to cook.
  • Relative good health for me and robust health for my husband.  My knee has been giving me problems, but it's a relatively small thing compared to what others our age have to deal with.

  • Rain.  Only a dry lander in the midst of a drought knows the pleasure of rain and how beautiful it is when everything turns green again.
There is probably a lot more, but we went out for Italian food tonight.  I think the word to describe it is soporific.  Definitely not energetic.  It's time to quit for the day.



    1. Happy Birthday, pally!! May the next year be as wonderful as this one!

      I love square dancing too!! And those photos are incredible. :)

    2. Thanks Lin. Where do you square dance?

    3. I square dance when we vacation in Kentucky. It's a lot less formal--no skirts or anything. But we cut a mean rug. My friend is a caller.

    4. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

    5. Happy belated birthday! Square dancing looks so much fun!

    6. Happy Birthday!!! xx

      I went with a group of friends to a square dance once. We had so much fun. We didn't know what we were doing, but we jumped in a gave it a whirl. I think a smile was plastered on my face for weeks afterward.


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