Thursday, April 8, 2010

Untwisting the knee

Well, we know I tripped over a chair and twisted my sore knee.  It's been thoroughly examined.  I have no horrible problems, just a painful one.

Now I've reached the part that I believe will help - physical therapy.  I've had good luck with it before.  I've heard some people say it doesn't do them any good.  Is that because they don't want to do what's required or did it really not do any good?  For me, working out the soreness and the kinks is a pleasure;  work, but a pleasure all the same.

I am pleased to be working with Chris again.  He was with me when my left knee was giving me fits.  That time he not only got rid of the pain, but also got me in good enough shape that I could begin working out at Curves.  Curves was such a good addition to my life.

I've just had one visit, but already my knee is better.  I was able to sleep last night in two parts (divided by an awake part).  That's much better than tossing and turning all night long because  no comfortable position exists.

Along with trying to avoid knee pain came plantar fasciitis.  It's a very painful condition that occurs, for me at least, when I sit around nursing a sore knee.  My shin muscles get tight and my back of your leg muscles get so loose that I'm walking on muscle instead of the ligament and gone.  I know the drill.  I sometimes do the exercises while half asleep, standing by my bed in the dark.  They help.

Why do I still get the pain from plantar fasciitis?  Because when it doesn't hurt I forget to do the stretches and exercises that make it better.  Because when my knee hurts, my first instinct is to sit and apply ice or the heating pad.

Both things have been causing me a lot of pain.  With the exercises, the plantar fasciitis is much better, but there has always been the underlying pain, something like resting my knee on broken glass or gravel, that I personally can't get rid of.

There's a square dance coming up in a few weeks that I'd like to attend.  Square dancing is a little hard on my knees because we do fast turns and I like to spin the turns on my toes.  I love dancing.  I hope I can dance by then.  If not, I'll go watch.


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