Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Owl House - Part 2

Part 2 seems to be the story of finding a suitable place for the owl house.  It needs to be good for the owl and do-able for my husband.  We thought the idea place was in a pepper tree that's outside the fence from our garden.  Surely an owl would like to live there.  Don't you think?

Still, there's the problem of getting the owl house up in the tree.  I'm not a strong person.  I could lift the owl house when I was painting it:  turn it over, stand it up.  I couldn't carry it around. 

Roy, on the other hand is quite strong and agile for his age.  How high could we get the owl house?  Roy tied the ladder to the tree so it wouldn't slip,  then leveraged the owl house upwards.

When he was at the top of the ladder and looking for the place to put the owl house, the only good spot was about 2.5 ft. higher than his position. He couldn't see a way to safely secure the owl house to the tree so down it came.

He looked around in frustration and saw the perfect place.  Earlier he was standing in the garden and looking around for a spot. However, with his new perspective standing under the pepper tree,  he saw the perfect spot.  (The garden is to the left of the house.)

The sheltering eaves of the house make this easy to install (for my husband, that is) and near the garden. Should we put up a sign now that says "Owl wanted, steady food supply assured"?

Now we wait.  Will the owl come?  I'll post again if and when it happens.

I should tell you that the owl house is just above the room where my computer is.  Maybe I'll hear him/her at night when he goes out to feed.



  1. I'm glad there were no ladder or roof accidents! Looks like a great place... I'd live there if I was an owl. :O)

  2. Dad is like a monkey climbing ladders. I worry about him, but that has never stopped him from doing what he wanted.

    BTW, if you want to live here, we have better accommodations than the owl house.

  3. That is the perfect place for the owl house.
    I am sure you will have some owls soon, there is certainly plenty of food for them!

  4. That looked pretty precarious in the tree but I think you found the perfect spot now.

  5. That was a good idea! That box looks like it would have pulled down the whole tree!! I hope you get an owl, I'll be waiting for an update.

  6. How neat! I love owls and it would be really swell if you had an extended roommate! Good luck :)

  7. I can't wait for part three - when you have an owl. It will happen.

  8. How cool to have a place for an owl to live at your house :)


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