Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dying roses

Yes, that's a strange title for a blog, but have you ever noticed how gracefully some roses die?  My apricot rose puts on quite a show.  Let me show you the tiny branch I clipped to put in my window over the sink.

When I first cut the sprig of roses they were a deep yellow-orange color with red edges.

Then their petals began to curl backwards, the yellow was pale, yet the rose is still interesting.  The petals have a soft pink tinge to them.

Out in the yard, I found a lovely apricot rose in its glorious form, right on the same branch as a tiny bud and a faded white one.  Now the older petals have pink edges.

I think the major bloom of spring is nearly over, but don't all these white and pink roses (the dying roses) look a nice contrast to the fresh apricot colored bloom?

This is one of my many favorite roses.  It almost quits blooming entirely in the heat of summer, but will come back with a second show in the fall.



  1. Hydrangeas are like that too. They are lovelier as they progress towards death and drying out. Gees, I wish I was like that!

  2. You are wishing for the wrong body. You are lovely for the age you are and you write a really great blog.

    Dried hydrangea blooms can be quite wonderful.


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