Sunday, June 20, 2010

With love to the father of my children

It seemed to everyone that you were a strange person to be the father of our first child.  When we married, you were a Navy guy with little responsibility and a penchant for trouble.  I wasn't sure how you would be as a father.  Let me tell you, you came through with flying colors.

I remember
  • My new baby and I finally able to sleep at my parent's house while you guarded the door against all comers - my parents included.
  • You changing dirty diapers
  • You playing with the children, their shreiks of joy, laughter
  • You telling me that the children and I came first
  • Even when we had nothing, we had plenty to eat and a home to live in.  That's more than a lot of people have these days.
  • Putting a Dear Abby article by the stove that said women need hugs and such more than they needed sex.  You provided both.
  • You working away from home so there would be money coming in.  It seemed such a lonely life to me, but you didn't complain.
  • Our three lovely daughters, who love you with all their hearts.
  • When it was appropriate, telling the girls how boys were different in the way they approached young love.
  • You going back to a job you didn't like because the retirement options were good and you thought we needed them.  We did.
  • Watching the girls grow up and marry and giving them a helping hand now and then.
  • Seeing how the girls still need their dad even now when they're grown.
Happy Father's Day.



  1. Ohhh... that was beautiful Mom! My sisters and I won the parental lottery when we wound up being your children.

    Love and big hugs!

    No Bumps

  2. That is beautiful - and so true! I feel fortunate to have grown up in a family that was/is not only functional, but happy :)

    Little Bumps

  3. We have one set of bumps to check in here.

    You children did raise well and did a nice job of raising your own children. I love you all.


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