Sunday, July 25, 2010

When do I get to sit on the porch and rock and knit?

I own three rocking chairs and two gliders.  That should be enough for an older woman with two porches, don't you think?  What's more, I can knit, crochet, and watercolor.  Well, you can't do watercolor easily from a rocking chair, but it's one of the things I wanted to do in my old age.

When I was younger, I thought that's what I'd be doing when I was old.  (Well, to be truthful, a survey I took when I was younger said I'd be dead by now.  Don't always believe the surveys.)

So, here I am in my 70's and my rockers are sandals, and my primary activities are square dancing and going to Curves.  We also travel, visit with friends, et cetera, et cetera, as they said in the movie the King and I.  I haven't got time to sit and rock.

Let's take today for an example, I got up at a reasonable hour, ate breakfast, fed the dog, went to church, spent a while talking to friends, went out to "breakfast" with my hubbie, and then to square dancing for the afternoon.  My breakfast and my stomach  had a disagreement and I came home and went to bed.

Was there time for the rocking chair?  Theoretically yes, but I spent the time in the glider watching House on TV, cleaning up the kitchen (I hadn't had time to do that for days), and reading my email. 

We need to revise our ideas of how the elderly are spending their time.  Yesterday I went to Curves, had lunch, spent some time in the glider icing my sore knee (I didn't say I was in perfect health, but pretty good), and then went into town to check out some Contra dancing with a quick supper thrown in for good luck.

My sick stomach probably was just an excuse to rest without admitting I am pooped. 

So, when do I get time to sit on my porch in my rocking chair and knit?  Maybe when I begin to feel old, but it isn't time to do that yet.



  1. While I find nothing wrong with sitting and rocking, Square dancing and late breakfasts with loved ones sounds much better!

    Sorry about your knee, I hope it feels better soon!


  2. You are without question my favorite commenter. Thanks for visiting.

  3. WHAT???! I'm not your favorite???! ;) Just kidding.

    LOVE you square dancing, Marilynne! Look at you go!!! :) I'm with you--I'm not ready to sit and rock just yet. There's a lot of life to be lived yet. I say go and enjoy it and don't wait for it to come to you.

  4. Don't feel bad Lin, Cindy is my daughter and she faithfully reads and comments on my blogs. Next to her you can be my favorite.

  5. There is nothing like a zest for life! My great-aunt, an Austrian who lived in Arizona, took up ballet for the first time in her seventies!

  6. Thanks Absolute Vanilla (Nicky), and more power to your great-aunt. There is a special feeling of achievement when you do something others cannot.


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