Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovely Old Town San Diego

There is a place in Old Town San Diego, where the town first began and where tourists now come in large numbers.  I was there yesterday, wandering around with my camera and I took lots of "flower" photos.  You may notice, that most of them are succulents and dry land plants.  No matter.  They look lovely.

Lovely in an old beaten up (but probably not antique) wagon.

Lovely crammed packed into a huge clay pot.

Lovely overflowing the gardens of a restaurant.  Because of our lovely summer days and nights, many, if not most of the restaurants have outdoor dining.  Some have nothing but outdoor dining.

Lovely in a painted pot on an upturned barrel.

Lovely surrounding a wooden wheel, decorated with serapes and tissue paper blooms.



  1. What a fun spot. Love the wagon of plants. Succulents do well in places like that. Great shots.

  2. I love San Diego - I go to California every year for vacation.
    What a great eye you have - cool pics!

  3. Hi,
    It's my first time visiting your blog and I love it here!
    I used to live in San Diego.
    I really enjoyed your photos!
    I've become one of your "Followers". :)

  4. Welcome Gabrielle and anne h. I love San Diego. I've moved here a number of times - that is, we've moved away and returned.

    Thanks for visiting. You might also like Writer Lady in my blog list.


  5. Beautiful pictures! I'm looking forward to visiting California for the first time next month. (I was born in Indio but was taken to Florida when I was still an infant.)


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