Saturday, December 25, 2010

A hopeful letter to santa

Today's guest blogger is going by the pseudonym of Squirt.  Thanks for blogging today Squirt.

Squirt is trying so hard to hold on to his belief in Santa. (Auntie C is no help... she tells him there will be no presents if he doesn't believe!)  He left this for Santa Santa must be hungry!  The note says,

"Dear Santa, do you have any special way that you are doing the wrapping like by colors and if you are please tell me which one it is.    Have a great Christmas, Santa, love Squirt.  

PS  Could you sign your name so I can know you are really real? I believe you are real but it would be cool to have a little proof. Love Squirt."


  1. Well, Squirt, did he leave you some presents? Did he sign his name?

  2. Oh that is so cute!

    I hope Santa left you a present and signed his name, Squirt!

    Happy New Year, Marilynne!

  3. So glad you stopped me my blog and left a comment. A writer? Always glad to hang out with one.


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