Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My favorite bloggers and the posts they write

It's time to name some of my favorite bloggers and their posts over the Christmas holidays.  These are posts that other people wrote and I'm including a link to their blog.

posted by Lin at Duck and Wheel with String - 10 hours ago
I figured out this week that I am sorely in need of a micro lens for the camera to really capture the little stuff I want to shoot.

posted by Nap Warden at The Chronicles of a SAHM
Daily Chuck... * * *Smokey *is wishing you a *Happy Holiday Season* from 19 76. Fwiw, he doesn't know anything about *Bieber's *hair:/

posted by Val at monkeys on the roof
Lillie House overgrown with green Well I dont know about you guys, but I had a fabulous day. I hope you did too? Here are some pictures from Christmas day in my world. a long walk in the jungle green..

posted by Morgan Mandel at ACME AUTHORS LINK
GMC is defined as Goals, Motivation, and Conflict.
My girls' dreams of spending their Christmas vacation sledding and skiing have been thwarted by the colder than typical temperatures of this December. Since the kids are spending so much time indoors, I c...

posted by julochka at moments of perfect clarity 

posted by Libby McKinmer at MAKE MINE MYSTERY
Recharging can be really hard, but it’s essential for a writer, or any creative type for that matter. This time of year can be a particular challenge with all the social and family obligations and fun.


  1. Oh, what a surprise! I saw my hobo photo in the reader and I was thinking "wow, that looks familiar". I'm such an idiot!!

    Thanks for the link and the compliment, pally! I'm just glad you come and read the blog. :)

  2. So many blogs, so little time! Happy to meet new folks.

  3. It's nice to have you visit my blog rosaria.

  4. thank you for including me and sorry for being so slow to respond!

    happy new year to you!!


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