Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our mystery tree - or rather our neighbor's mystery tree - Mystery solved 12/15/2010

Our neighbor's tree hangs over our back fence in a corner of the yard.  When we moved in, she said to take any fruit we can reach.  I not only eat her loquats, but I have a fruitless tree grown from spitting out the seeds.  Since it's in a good place, we just let it grow.

However, she has another tree that hangs over the fence and is lush with fruit this December.  I love the fruit, but I have no idea what it is.  Something tropical since it puts on fruit in winter.

The skin of the fruit is pale yellow with a bit of pale green.  The skin is tender.  The flesh inside is custard-like with seeds the size and shape of a shelled almond.

I usually eat it with a spoon.  The flavor is mildly citrus with flavors of vanilla or cherry.  Yummy, but what is it?  How can I ask for a tree of my own if I don't even know it's name?  I'm open for all ideas.

Revised 12/15/2010

The mystery is solved!   Thanks to Bill Goodwin and his friend Cheryl who were able to observe the actual fruit, the mystery fruit is a Sapote, a transplant from Mexico.  If you would like to know more about the Sapote, follow these links:


  1. i think it's a quince.

    i keep reading about them, but we don't seem to have them here in DK.

    all i can get is quince tea. which is fragrant and beautiful.

  2. I have no idea! I like how brave you are--digging into a fruit you have no idea what it is!!! I'm glad it didn't kill ya!

  3. @Lin. It never occurred to me that it wouldn't be good to eat - maybe I wouldn't like it, but good to eat - yes.

    The neighbors behind us have a flower farm where they grow all sorts of plants to sell at farmer's markets. I imagine it just wasn't a good seller for them.


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