Monday, January 17, 2011

An afternoon on Venice Beach -

I could name this post "Oh me!  What do I see?  What do I see - looking at me"  but of course it would be too long.

My husband and I met our middle kiddle at Venice Beach for a sunny afternoon of fun and visiting - yesterday.  Sorry folks, but this is my world.  At the moment, it's warm.

This is the group, minus the photographer, Emily S.  From left, Scott, Lisa (our daughter), Roy, and me.  I bought this great big brimmed hat to protect my face from the sun.  It kept showing up in the photographs.  Check this out.

Do you think the brim adds to the picture?  I think it adds me to the picture.  The water was cold, but the day was about 80 degrees.  Sunshine, as you can see.

This man was doing a sand sculpture.  What will he do with it when it's done?  He's got it on a tarp, but the minute he tries to move it, it will be gone.  So, think of this as a transitory thing, like rainbows.  The sign encourages us all to contribute to him.  I guess that's to allow him to crawl about on his hands and knees in the sunshine and make artwork that he will destroy when he goes home.

This photo is of my own special character.  My daughter had borrowed this hat because being from the Pacific Northwest, she hadn't brought a hat to wear.  My hubbie tried it on, but in the end, Scott wore it because his face was turning red.  I assure you Scott wore it with great dignity, as if it were his very own hat that he wore often.

Here's the walk on Venice Beach.  It's full of color, noise, people, and interesting things to look at or buy.  On the west side, facing these buildings, is the beach I showed you first.

 Here's a little alleyway with really interesting shops.  That's my hat getting in the way, but it does add to the picture, don't you think?

 Between the walk and the beach there's an area for beach activities:  Bicycling, skating, skate boarding, and this area where they were using these huge hoops to do stunts on.  The people who knew how to use them were really great to watch.  They wore leather gloves, both for grip and to keep  their knuckles from grazing the concrete when the hoop hit the concrete where they were holding on.
On the way home the sunset was so glorious that we had to stop so I could take a picture of it.  When we stopped at the view point, there was hardly a space left and everyone was taking pictures. 

I had just told my hubbie that some things  just had to be appreciated, enjoyed, and stored in our memories because the picture wouldn't do it justice.  That's true.  You can't smell the night sea from where you are.

Enjoy your day.


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