Thursday, March 3, 2011

Death by Diamonds - a Review

Beth Bowman is a private investigator.  She's been hired by Maria Garcia who wants her to follow Maria's husband Hector and tell Maria who Hector is seeing on the side.  It seems like a straightforward, though boring job.  Beth is given all the details - a photo, what he's wearing, what he's carrying (a briefcase), where she can find him.  Beth can do this.

Beth follows Hector to a hotel.  She gets the room number and goes up to the room.  Beth  listens at the door and hears angry words, a fight, two shots.  Thinking one of them might need help, Beth finds the door ajar and enters the room.  She has barely gone inside when something hits her on the head and knocks her unconscious.  She's been ambushed.

When Beth wakes up she has a pounding headache where she was hit.  She also finds Garcia dead.    She calls emergency and soon the EMTs and the police arrive.  The police pounce on Beth as a suspect.  They find her gun by the dead man.  Beth is rescued by the EMTs and taken to the hospital where an attractive doctor examines the lump on her head.  The doctor tells her joke after joke.  She likes him and he returns her admiration.

Beth soon discovers that the police think she is the murderer.  Her gun was found next to the dead man.  The information Maria Garcia gave her is missing from her purse.  She can't prove anything.

In order to prove her innocence Beth must determine what really went down and in the process solve the murder.  She also falls in love with the doctor.  She meets a homeless man and through him gains the help of a group of homeless people.  They are able to go places she can't because they say they're invisible.  No one looks at them.  She and the homeless people become an effective team.

This book is fast paced and entertaining.  There are many twists and turns in the plot.  As soon as you think she has things solved, something else gets in the way.

Randy Rawls has done a fine job with his new series.  You can find the book for the Kindle at

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