Monday, March 7, 2011

Formula for Murder by Diana Orgain - A review

How could a mother with a small baby work as a PI and be effective?  I mean really now.  Have you ever taken care of a 3-month-old baby?  It's time consuming, but PI Kate Connolly seems to be able to juggle the two jobs.  Of course, she has a very loving and accommodating husband and a Mom who is willing to babysit.

When Kate's car is totaled by a hit and run driver her little Laurie is in the car with her riding in her car seat.  Kate is first angered that anyone would crunch her car while there was a baby inside.  But wait!  She's caught a look at the driver and an eye witness has written down the license number.

Kate and baby Laurie are at the hospital when husband Jim rides to the rescue.  Kate now has the address of the driver - and it's at the French Embassy.  When Kate tries to find out who the driver of the vehicle is, she meets with resistance of the French sort.

The more Kate discovers about the case, the deeper she is involved.  Soon she is fighting for more than insurance money.  All the while she is a loving, gushing, loving Mom.  How does she do it?  She is also preparing for Christmas, she needs a photo of Laurie for their Christmas cards, she has a long to-do list of things to get done.  How can she do it all?

I enjoyed all the twists and turns.  This the third Maternal Instincts Mystery.  You can order it through  You can follow Diana Orgain's books at .


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