Friday, April 8, 2011

Adventure in the Southwest - Reviewing "Rattled"

I met Kris Bock at Left Coast Crime in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was a very gabby conference, and Kris and I were no exception.  Soon she was asking me if I wanted to read a copy of her latest book.  The book is set in the hills around Tucson, AZ,  that's a little south of Hillerman Country, but the setting's just as interesting.

I love to read so Kris didn't have to twist my arm.  In all, I brought 13 books home from that conference.  Did I say I love to read?

Now to the book.  Erin and her friend Camie are excited because they think they have found a clue to where ancient treasure is buried.  Who wouldn't want to find buried treasure?  Erin is a history teacher and she's attracted to the history of these hidden objects.  How great it would be to personally add to the store of antiquities to the college where she worked.  She day dreams about writing papers on the subject.

But wait!  Erin has mentioned her desire to find the treasure to her boyfriend.  Now he's getting extra chummy and possessive. Erin isn't comfortable with this at all and tries to distance herself from him, but he sticks like glue.  Erin is run off the road while riding her bike and finds herself in the hospital with cuts, bruises and a broken finger.  The man who found her and got help is a helicopter pilot with lots of appeal.  He is attracted to Erin, but she's normally pretty shy.  Camie is the bold one and Camie does everything she can to help the attraction turn into romance.

Meanwhile Erin's house is broken into.  Later a man forces his way into her house, only to be foiled by Camie's cat who attacks him.  In spite of everything, Erin and Camie go ahead with their plan to search for the buried treasure.  Both women are hikers and climbers.  Camie is into mechanics and has invented a device to find empty spaces below rock.  The friends hope this will give them an edge if the entrance to the cave hiding the treasure has become buried through the years.

To the two friends, add an attack cat and a very attractive helicopter pilot.  The romance between the pilot and Erin simmers along while the friends are chased, kidnapped, threatened, and deal with rattlesnakes.  This book never slows down.  Will they find the buried treasure?  You'll have to read it to find out.   I am so glad Kris gave it to me to read.

Rattled is available in paperback or for the Kindle at .

Writing as Chris Ebock, Kris also writes adventures for children.  You can find out more about these books on Chris's blog


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