Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - the real work begins

The inventory has been completed, the instructions read, though not deeply understood.  Now the work of preparing a spot for the greenhouse begins.  Roy has measured out a 12 x 10 ft. square, using the precision he learned as a surveyor.  Now he has removed the weeds and begun to dig a hole for a base.
Roy measured the space, removed the weeds and now is digging a hole for the foundation.
He will line the hole with gopher wire, hoping to thwart those nasty little diggers.  Then he will fill the hole with a mixture of sand and gravel so the greenhouse will have a firm foundation.

The dirt he removes will be replaced with other materials.  I have some ideas about where I'd like the dirt.
At the moment, the dirt lies on top of a massive tarp.  (Not to protect the grass.  It's all weeds at this spot.)  I have some ideas where I want to put that dirt.  I also suspect I'll have to put it there myself.  I wonder if he'll allow me to use his new red wheelbarrow for my project.

If you missed the other post, you can find it in the archives for May 2011.


  1. You'll love the final result. Be sure to thank your hubby, as this is hard work indeed.

  2. I can't wait to see the final result! And I can't wait to see how YOU have moved the dirt. :P That's always the way, isn't it? Ugh.

  3. Eggshells are to keep snails and slugs off your tender shoots. In California I didn't have this problem at all. Good luck with your efforts.

  4. Lin: I think my hubbie will help me move the dirt elsewhere. If he doesn't put it where I want it, he'll have to put it somewhere.

    Rosaria: Thanks for the hint about eggshells. So far the only thing that keeps the snails at bay are birds and copper wire.


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