Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - Survey 1

Yes, we did see a neatly laid out square in the last post.  That was a digging guideline.  Now Roy has his antique (we think it's from 1898) Berger Transit out to get some real measurements.  He's had the transit for years and years.  Now he's got it out of storage to use it.

This is his antique instrument all leveled (I think) and ready to go.

While he's leveling it, Jake comes over to see what's up.  Roy finally convinced him he didn't need his help and I gave him some pets and loves to keep him by me.  (Where he could help me take pictures.)
Jake comes to see if Roy needs help.     
Roy does some more leveling while I watch from the porch.
It took a long time to get things leveled and set up.  I have a new appreciation of his patience and his craft.

Now we've got to stop and measure.  If you look below his hand, you'll see a post with a nail head on it.
He is incredibly picky about these measurements.  You'd think he was working on a bridge and not a greenhouse.  (Bridges require extremely picky surveys.)  Still, if the bottom measurement isn't right, the top of the greenhouse will be whacky (my surveying term, not his).

Now he's actually taking a look at how square his markers are.
The wooden box is fitted to hold the transit when it's not in use.  It has a sturdy leather handle on it because sometimes a surveyor has to carry his stuff a long ways.  Today he'll be leveling the dirt, wetting down and compacting it. I think he's amazing. 

NOTE:  The link to Berger Transits has some nice pictures of transits of the era.  Roy thinks his is older than these shown.  It also has only a few places where it's gold.


  1. I think the greenhouse project has more to do with Roy's surveying equipment and talents than it does about having a greenhouse. :) I'm impressed, Roy! Good work!

  2. Never has a finer greenhouse been erected! His care taken now will be well worth it, I think. Can't have a whacky roof! :O)

    That you still think Dad is amazing after all these years is a wonderful, heart warming, smile bringing, treat!

  3. Cindy, he just IS amazing. I am always amazed at what he can do.

    Lin, yes, he's giving it extraordinary care. It will last for years when he's finished.



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