Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - a bunny gift

Our backyard is overrun with cottontail bunnies.  They are so cute and almost tame.  So far they've just been eating the weeds, but when they're gone it's time to get rid of the bunnies.
Not these bunnies.  The outside bunnies with the fluffy white tails.

Last week when Roy and Ray were putting up the frame for the walls, they found the bunnies had left a gift - fleas.  Both of the guys had a lot of flea bites on their legs.  Not fun.  We have the lawn areas sprayed regularly.  This shouldn't have happened, so we called the pest guys out for a re-spray. 

We haven't had the nerve to call Ray back to help yet, but Roy's been working on it.  Here's how it's going.

Roy is defending himself using Off!  and also tying his pant legs closed with twine.

Our granddaughter's boyfriend helped Roy put the windows together.

Roy is out there today putting up the gable ends by himself.  In the heat.


  1. Oh, I have never had fleas bite me like that! How weird. And painful!! Imagine what those poor bunnies feel like!

  2. Those bunnies are scratching at their ears all the time. The ones under their fur must just feel normal. We believe we have the fleas under control now. We'll know for sure tomorrow when we look at Roy's legs.

    There's no way we can collect the bunnies and put flea stuff on them. I guess that's just life in the wild.


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