Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - coming along

Roy's greenhouse is coming along slowly, partly because he has to quit some days and work in the garden.  The peas are just about done, the chard's growing lustily, and the tomatoes are beginning.  If he doesn't get his corn planted, I'm going to be very disappointed.

This looks backwards to me, but it makes sense to Roy and he's the surveyor.
Once he had the hole square, he leveled it - along the edges.  He says the gravel will level the rest.  Then, along the edges he put fine clean sand.
He added playground sand.
The sand is to level any rough spots.  We don't have to worry about cats getting into it, because this is what he did next.

This is the base of the greenhouse waiting for Roy to sort it out.
The box that holds the base. 
The base is in, set squarely and level in its place.
He is proud of his work.  He put the level down at random and it was all level.  I don't know why the bottles are there.  He fills them with water and puts them around the garden where he wants to keep the rabbits out.  I don't think he's worried about rabbits in this spot.  I will just assume he knows.

My dirt.
I've been given this dirt to do what I want with it.  I have a few holes to fill and places I want to level.  Roy will get rid of the rest.  That's a bit of gopher wire on the dirt.  The entire greenhouse floor will be lined with gopher wire.  We have a lot of those annoying little beasts.  (Advice on how to get rid of gophers is welcome in the comments.)

From here on out, I think the greenhouse will come along pretty quickly - if he gets the corn and okra in, that is.


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