Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - Is it done yet?

The greenhouse is taking shape.  Follow me in pictures.
The doors gave Roy a lot of trouble.  Nothing seemed to work the way it should.
Roy stored the panels at the bottom of the porch stairs.

He cleaned the tracks before putting in the walls.
Then he put in the walls going left to right.
Each wall panel required three clips per panel.
This is the last clip on the last panel.
The sun was setting as he finished.  Good job Roy!
The outside of the greenhouse is finished and the garden itself needs Roy's attention.  For Father's Day I bought him a book on greenhouses and another on Hobby Hydroponic Gardening.  That should keep him interested while he sets water and pulls weeds this summer.

Thanks for visiting.  Marilynne


  1. I am so impressed! Can't wait to see it in person. I might have to plan a visit during harvest time!

  2. It's a pretty interesting thing all right. We won't be harvesting anything from the greenhouse for a while. It's too hot inside.

    Just teasing, of course. Corn and tomatoes are maturing. He managed to do that with one hand while building the greenhouse with the other.

  3. Oh, that is BEAUTIFUL!! Roy ROCKS!! How nice it will be to have that greenhouse. Can you store plants in there for the winter or is it too cold?

  4. We live near San Diego. We will be able to grow tomatoes in the winter in that greenhouse. We could store plants there, but since it rarely freezes, that isn't a need here.

    But . . . we don't have any frogs. It isn't wet enough.

  5. Okay, Marilynne--I've been waiting....

    Is it done yet??????

  6. Lin - The structure is done, but it hasn't been fitted with benches and such. However, we are passing out tomatoes like they were zucchini and the corn is starting to come in as well as cucumbers and zucchini. He's a busy guy.

  7. My goodness Roy is a very busy guy! That is so cool! What a cool addition to your world.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Too bad you can't grow a Philly pretzel tree in there!


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