Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse - The walls go up

One and a half cubic feet of gravel.  Roy made two trips in the pickup, then spread it by hand.
A friend, Ray, came to help.  Soon they were both laughing through the re-dos.
Did we do it right or wrong?
Two friends and a day's work.
You have to be sure the support pieces are bolted together in the right way or you'll find yourselves re-doing the work.  Roy and Ray found that the text of the instructions didn't always match the pictures, so they just chose the method that seemed to work the best.

On this side is where the door goes.  Our granddaughter and her boyfriend came over and he helped Roy get the windows ready.  They already have their "glass."  Actually it's a polycarbonate material, and it's fun to imagine the entire greenhouse with it's glass walls.  That's a step stool sitting inside, not a chair.



  1. Oooh, it's coming along nicely!! I sure hope Ray and Roy did it right!

  2. Ray has another job and this is now a two-man job, so they are getting together when they can. I can see now how big it is. Roy can see winter tomatoes growing there. His is the bigger vision.


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