Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's the little things that make my house a home

I like little things, even tiny things.  I save them from my travels and often add to my collection, but how do you display them?  Here's my solution:

I display little vignettes on my bookshelf.  These are
some favorite garden things.  Displayed by themselves
they would just disappear.  You can see how small
they are.
Two dancers and a mythical horse from
the Caribbean.  The dancers are a gift
from my daughter.

Tiny meerkats about the size of my finger are
displayed in front of a tile from Arizona.

Behind my - ahem convenience - a row of small
birds sit under two funny watercolors.
In the midst of all my clutter, my
Starbucks bear stands guard
over the charging cable for my Kindle.

Like I said, I like my clutter small.


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  1. I do too. I like tiny things and finding just the right spot to enjoy them is a challenge sometimes.


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