Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roy's Greenhouse takes shape inside

Roy's greenhouse was neglected while Roy took care of his summer garden.  Believe it or not, but Roy froze 20 ears of corn from his garden YESTERDAY, Nov, 5.  Amazing isn't it? That's what comes from a warm fall in southern California.

Now the weather has turned to fall.  We've had a few days of rain and it's getting colder and colder at night.

Roy started some tomatoes on the rail of the porch and now he's put them in the greenhouse to shield them from the cold nights.

These tomatoes were started in the sunshine
on the porch.

Roy has begun to make planting beds inside the greenhouse.  He found some 10 ft x 4 ft x 18 inch redwood planter boxes on sale.  They were already put together and given a coat of stain.   Roy bought one and had them put it in the bed of the pickup.  It took up more room in the pickup than the unassembled greenhouse did.

I tried to talk Roy into hiring them to deliver it and put it in the greenhouse, but up until now he's only had help one day - the day they put the roof on.

The first box is in place.  There is no bottom so the plants can
grow as deeply as they want.  However, it's going
to take a lot of planting soil and amendments
to fill up that huge box.
Roy needs so much soil for the box that he's running around town looking to see who's selling it cheaply.  Meanwhile, the tomatoes need to be inside, so they sit on the edge of the planting box.  It's been in the low 60s at night and tomatoes like it warmer than that.  It was 80 degrees in the greenhouse this afternoon.  I think the tomatoes are liking their new home.

Very little stands between the young tomatoes
and the sunshine.
Of course, it wasn't sunny today, it was raining.  I like the look of the rain on the walls of the greenhouse and the way it distorts the sun's reflection.

This is the outside when the sun came out
for a moment.  The rain is sparkly.

Time for one more photo.

This is inside looking out.  The white arc is the sunshine.

More later.  Marilynne

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