Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frost ends the outside garden

The summer garden has caved to several nights of near-freezing temperatures.  Here are the last veggies.

A few young zucchini and some radishes
After I took the picture, I cut the ends from the zucchini and radishes and ate them.  Raw.  Roy sliced a few zucchini from the refrigerator and put them in a jar of pickle juice to see if they will be tasty.  He was getting creative because he had already tried it with hard boiled eggs.  His only comment on the eggs?  "They're rubbery."

This is our first season with the greenhouse so we're watching to see what works and what doesn't.  Roy does have to close the greenhouse door every night and open it again every day.  The lowest temperature was 4xx degrees (I forget what he told me it was).  It gets plenty warm during the day.

The lettuces are coming up.  The tomato plants are not liking the cool evenings.  We'll just have to try it and see.



  1. It will be a fun season trying to figure out the greenhouse. Keep us posted!

  2. Yes Lin. It is all a wonder the first year.


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