Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter Garden and Greenhouse

We have a winter garden outside the greenhouse, and a garden inside the greenhouse now.  First, let's look at the outside garden.  Our weather has been sunny and warm with a little rain.  Let's see how the garden is faring.

The winter garden from the porch.
The zucchini is still producing, but the okra is just
running out of the heat it likes.
The Okra is trying, but the pods are tiny and tough.
It was just an experiment to see if it could put on fruit.
Rabbits like the peas too so we have a plastic
rabbit fence.  Just off center is a blossom.
We're going to have winter peas!
Tomatoes are a wonderful crop to grow.  These were
planted late summer or early fall and they're producing.
Inside the greenhouse, tomatoes started outside
are loving the heat of the greenhouse now.
These tomatoes were just babies when Roy planted
them here.  In the row in front of them, he's
planted mixed lettuces.  Maybe the bugs won't find them.
The sun has moved to the left now.  It's between 80 deg
and 100 deg inside so Roy has to open the vents and
the door every day and close them at night.

We had strong winds the last few days and they blew out a bottom panel of the greenhouse.  Fortunately since Roy built the greenhouse, he also knows how to fix it.

Roy's hoping for a greenhouse tomato before New Years.  Keep your fingers crossed.



  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing. I am jealous of your garden and your gardener! :O)
    Love, Cindy

  2. If you were nearby you could have some tangerines from our tree. The poor little thing is loaded with them. I pick enough for breakfast every morning when I bring in the paper.


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