Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Special Tiny Homes

I've been reading Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn.*    For quite a while I've been interested in the concept of small homes.  I've lived in a few of those.  Now here is a book about really small homes - even tiny homes.

It comes to this:  how much shelter does a person really need? Well, personally I love a large comfy home, but the idea of living in just enough room is fascinating.

In his book Kahn gives us a look at nineteen Tiny Homes all over the country:  snow country included.  The homes are shown with lots of photographs so you can really see what it's like.

If you live in a Tiny Home, how do you live your life?  Very well, though most of them seem to be outside a lot.   They have different reasons for wanting to live here.  The houses are cozy, but not cluttered (for the most part).  They provide shelter, a place to cook, and usually a place to read, though I see some computer and TV setups in many of the Tiny Homes.

One particularly clever arrangement has a TV/Computer hung on the wall.  Underneath is a small table that folds back against the wall when it's not needed.

Sorry, I can't provide a photo for you, but check out the websites. 

I recommend that you check out Lloyd's web siteShelter Pubs or check it out on

Happy reading. 

* Shelter Publications
PO Box 279
Bolinas, CA 94924

Lloyd's web site:


  1. I've seen some photos from this book before. I can't imagine living in such a small space. I have a pretty big home and I manage to fill every inch of it with clutter!

  2. I agree too that I couldn't live in one for long. Maybe a week or so, but I love the concept and the fact that someone enjoys living that way.

    I do think that when you are living in a tiny house you must live most of your day somewhere else, whether skiing or gardening or a regular job.


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